The Higher Institute Of Conservatory

It was established according to Decree no. 1439 of the Egyptian President in Aug. 1959. In 1969 the Institute became part of the Academy of Arts according to law no. 78, then law no. 158 in 1981 which reorganized the Academy.

Objectives Of The Institute:

  • Preparing Players on different musical instruments according to international standards.
  • Preparing Opera Singers, Solo and Chorale.
  • Preparing music composers according to international standards.
  • Forming experienced groups as follows:

    The Conservatoire Orchestra, with a subdivision Conservatoire Strings Orchestra
    The New Youth Orchestra
    The Youth Chorale of the Conservatoire
    The Children Chorale of the Conservatoire
    Chamber Music

Departments & Sections

  1. Piano, sectioned into : Solo Playing
  2. Strings, Sectioned into: Viola, Violin, Cello, Contrabass, Harp
  3. Wind & Percussion, Sectioned into:
    • Wooden Wind Instruments: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Fagot
    • Metal Wind Instruments: Corno, Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Tub
    • Percussion Instruments
  4. Singing, sectioned into: Opera, Lead
  5. Composing & Leading: Leading is studied as a postgraduate study
  6. Chamber Music, Orchestra & Piano Accompany
  7. Music science ( a post graduation study), sectioned into:
    • Historical Study & Music Analysis
    • Theoretical Music Science
    • Nations Music
    • Instruments & Phonetics Science

Scientific Grades Granted by the Institute

  • B.A. in Music Arts in one of the former specializations
  • Post graduate study Diploma in one of the former specializations
  • M.A in Music Arts in one of the former specializations
  • Ph.D in Arts or philosophy of arts in one of the former specializations
  • D.A.

Methods of study

  • Under Graduate (Preparatory and Secondary).
  • Post Graduate study (According to the Admission regulating rules).