The Higher Institute Of Cinema

  • The presidential decree no 1439 for the year 1959 has been enacted to establish high art institutes affiliated to the ministry of culture including the Higher Institute of Cinema.
  • Decree no 78 for the year 1969 enacted the establishment of the academy of Arts. The Institute , then, became one of the Academy's establishments. Then followed decree no 158 for the year 1981 to reorganize the Academy.
  • The Institute's Targets:
    1. It aims at preparing the artistic talents for studying the art of cinema and T.V., enabling the graduates to practically and scientifically work in the field of cinema production and T.V. stations.
    2. Developing the students, Skills and helping them acquire a specified study that elevates their talent and enhance their thoughts. They then can acknowledge modern technology and the science of satellites.
    3. The Institute's Departments and majors:
      The High Institute of Cinema in the Academy of Arts includes:

      • Scenario : It includes scenario writing for Cinema and T.v.
      • Production : It includes Cinema and T.v Production.
      • Directing: It includes Cinema and T.v directing.
      • Scenery Designing : It includes scenery and costume designing for Cinema and T.V.
      • Photographing : It includes Cinema and T.v Photographing.
      • Sound Designing / Making: It includes Cinema and T.V. sound making.
      • Montage : It includes Cinema and T.V. montage.
      • Cartoon : It includes Cinema and T.V. Cartoon strips.
        Scientific Degrees:
      • The Institute grants the following degrees:
        1. B.A. in cinematic arts in the previously mentioned majors.
        2. Post- graduate Diploma in the arts of cinema in the previously mentioned majors.
        3. Master's degree in theatrical arts.
        4. Ph.D. in arts or in philosophy of arts in the previously mentioned majors.
        5. D.A.

Methods of study:

  • Post Graduate study (According to the Admission regulating rules).
  • Free Studies (According to the Private regulating rules).
  • Parallel education (According to the Credit hours)