Schools Under Graduate

The Secondary stage

  1. Students who passed 3rd preparatory (English) are accepted. While composition and singing departments are exceptions.
  2. The total grades are settled according to Thanaweya Ama totals in the ministry of education (students who passed 3rd prep in the institute are an exception).
  3. The student shouldn't be at the beginning of October more than 16 years old for (piano) and 19 years for (composition and singing).
  4. The age of the student shouldn't be less than what's accepted in local schools.
  5. The departments that accept this stage are (piano- strings- wind instruments - drums- composition and singing).

As some institutes as conservatory and ballet require accepting young talented children to be artistically trained, It was necessary to prepare them on both levels educationally and artistically at the same time. So there were the following schools:

  • The cultural school for primary education.
  • The cultural school for preparatory and secondary education.
  • School for teaching artistic subjects

This system enables the Academy to increase the acceptance in these stages, and make use of the infant talents to contribute in re-organizing the educational policy plan in Egypt. Moreover, it helps gathering the art education in one place through the school of teaching art subjects.

The study is general to all the students, except for the subjects of specialization (Arabic,Music,Western Music, Ballet).

Acceptance Regulations In Schools

Firstly: The Higher Institute of Conservatoire.

The Primary Stage Student's who succeeded in 1st primary and going to 2nd primary or any other grade up till third preparatory are accepted according to the following conditions.

  1. The age must not be less than six and half years old at the beginning of October.
  2. The 1st preparatory grade's age must not be more than twelve and half years at the beginning of October.
  3. The student must be registered in a local school that is acknowledged and he should be passing to the following grade.
  4. The student should pass the skills tests that are settled by the institutes.
  5. The student must pass the medical test.
  6. The departments that accept the students of this stage are (Piano- Drums- strings- Wind instruments).

The Higher Institute Of Ballet Elementary Stage

  1. Students who passed 2nd primary, 8 years old are accepted in 3rd primary.
  2. The student must pass physical, artistic, musical and medical tests.
  3. This stage includes 9 years with the following artistic subjects:
  • Classic Ballet.
  • International Folklore Dance.
  • Historical Dance.
  • Modern dance.
  • Dual Dance.
  • Musical Aesthetics.
  • Introduction to Ballet History.
  • Piano.

All the students study all the cultural subjects of local Thanaweya Ama schools. So that the student has the choice to continue his studies in the Academy Institutes or ordinary universities of the ministry of higher education.

The Higher Institute of Arabic Music Acceptance is limited to Secondary stage

  • students who passed 3rd preparatory without putting a condition related to the total grades.
  • The age shouldn't be more than 16 years at the beginning of October.
  • The student should pass the artistic skills tests of the institute.
  • The student should pass the medical tests.