Higher Institute Of the Folklore

The Institute was set up in 1981, and a centre for folklore studies is affiliated to it.

Objectives Of the Institute:

Graduating researchers and scholars in the field of folklore with a view of preserving the country's heritage.

Departments of the Institute:

The institute has the following academic disciplines:

  1. Folklore Theory.
  2. Field Research, i.e.: Video, Cinema, Photography, etc…
  3. Folklore Literature.
  4. Folklore Traditions & Customs.
  5. Material Culture (craftsmanship), Architecture, Customs.
  6. Folklore Beliefs.
  7. Folklore Plastic Arts.
  8. Folklore Music & Songs.
  9. Folklore Games.
  10. Folklore Dance.

Note: The institute is supposed to have academic departments in the near future.

Academic Degrees:

  1. Diploma in the Folklore.
  2. Master's in the Folklore.
  3. PH.D. in the Folklore.

Methods of study :

  • Post Graduate study (According to the Admission regulating rules).
  • Parallel education (According to the Credit hours).