Higher Institute Of Theatrical Arts

  • The institute was founded in 1930 and lasted for one year ("Acting Institute"). Then it was re-inaugurated in May 1944 with a three- year- duration study.
  • In 21st April 1948, the ministry decree no 7846 stated that the study in both departments (Acting- Criticism and Artistic research) will be four years.
  • According to the recommendation of the theatre committee at the supreme council for Arts, the presidential decree no. 75 for the year 1958 was issued. It stated the foundation of the higher institute for theatrical Arts among higher institutes.
  • The presidential decree no 671 for the year 1958 was issued concerning the organization of the ministry of culture and national guidance, the institute hence followed the ministry.
  • The president decree no 1439 for the year 1959 was issued to found the higher Artistic institutes; the institute became one of these institutes.
  • The law no.78 for the year 1969 was issued founding the Academy of Arts. According to this year law and that of 158 for the year 1981, the institute became one of the components of the Academy.

Goals Of The Institute:

  • Working on achieving the cultural theatrical goal which is one of the main components of enriching the cultural development of the theatre.
  • Taking part in the preservation of the theatrical heritage through the re- statement of the of the general perception of the art of theatre.
  • Creating a number of theatre artists capable or giving and able to understand the nature or the surrounding arts and cultures in order to have a positive sharing in the development or the potentialities and culture of the society.

Specializations and Departments :

  1. Acting & Directing department, it includes, Acting – dramatic theatre directing – musical theatre directing.
  2. Drama and theatrical criticism: includes drama and theatrical criticism specialization.
  3. Theatrical Decoration : includes the theatrical decoration specialization.

Academic Certificates :

  1. B.A. in theatrical Arts in one of the afore – mentioned specialization.
  2. Post Graduate studies diploma in the theatrical arts in one of the aforementioned specializations.
  3. Master's degree in theatrical arts.
  4. PH.D. degree in arts or PH.D. in the philosophy of arts in one of the aforementioned specializations.
  5. D.A.

Methods of study :

  • Post Graduate study (According to the Admission regulating rules).
  • Free Studies (According to the Private regulating rules).
  • Parallel education (According to the Credit hours)