Higher Institute Of Art criticism

This Institute has been established according to state president decree no 1972 in 1970. The Institute has become since that time one of the institutes of the Academy of Arts.
The Higher Institute of Art Criticism has become one of the Institutes of the Academy after the issue of the law no 158 in 1981 which reorganize the Academy.

The Goals Of The Institute

1- The Institute aims at preparing a generation of critics in the field of arts. Well educated and professional critics in different fields of arts (for example: literary criticism and the criticism of T.V., Cinema, musical the appreciation of plastic arts and ballet.

Departments of the Institute:

The Higher Institute of Art Criticism encompasses the following departments:

  1. Department of Cinema and T.V. Appreciation (the student chooses to study either cinema or T.V. appreciation
  2. Department of Music Criticism.
  3. Department of Literacy Criticism.
  4. Department of Plastic Art Department Criticism.
  5. Department of Dance / Performance Criticism.
  6. Department of Cultural Activation.
  7. Department of Philosophy and Science of Arts.

Academic Degrees :

The Higher Institute of Art Criticism awarded the following degrees:

  • Post graduate studies diploma in art criticism.
  • M.A. degree in art criticism.
  • Ph.D. degree in art criticism.
  • • The Post – graduate studies diploma in the institute prepares those who pass the exams to register for with the exception of those whose studies are considered as a terminated stage.
    The degree of M.A or Ph.D. or even any of the post – graduate studies.

Methods of study :

  • Post Graduate study (According to the Admission regulating rules).
  • Parallel education (According to the Credit hours)